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We’re obsessed with Game of Thrones, but we’re not actually living in the world of it, like the cast. They are completely immersed in everything Westeros, so while we might have some pretty good ideas and theories, they’re the ones we really have to look to for some hard hitting Game of Thrones truths.

Like, if given the option, who should really end up on the Iron Throne? Like, for real. Pick someone, right now. Don’t think about it. Who should claim the seven kingdoms for themselves?

During the Game of Thrones panel at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend, the cast in attendance had some pretty good suggestions for who should rule, like Jon, Dany, and even Brienne (YEAH!).

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And then there was Sophie Turner who said, dead seriously, “Littlefinger!”

Sansa, COME ON.

Turner immediately got some soft “booos” from the audience, but those people are probably just upset because they’re shipping Sansa and the Iron Throne, as we all should be. That’s when she then did a big ¯_(ツ)_/¯ and followed up with,

“It’d be quirky! We like that kind of thing! Come on, we all watch Game of Thrones.”

Oh. She has a point. We would 120% watch Littlefinger ascend to the Iron Throne, and then just cause MASS CHAOS all throughout King’s Landing. Actually, we’d watch the hell out of that show, if Game of Thrones even wanted to do a “What if?” spin-off of just that.

Knowing how things ended with Season 6, Littlefinger on the throne is a real possibility. He told Sansa that’s what he wanted, and asked her to come with him on his quest for ultimate power. And that look the two exchanged after Jon was declared the King of the North? Chills.

Credit: HBO

So will we actually get to see King Baelish, long may he reign? Only time will tell. We’ll be watching, and so will Sophie.