Rachel Paige
September 16, 2016 4:25 pm
Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Know upfront that Benedict Cumberbatch is not coming to Walt Disney World. Something like that is simply just a passing dream, and it’s a really good dream. And can you even imagine waiting in a long, wrapping queue line with the idea that at the very end, you get to hug Benedict Cumberbatch and then he signs your autograph book?? UGH, such a good idea.

Since that’s (probably) never going to happen, we’ve got the next best thing: Soon, you’ll be able to meet Doctor Strange — Benedict’s brand new Marvel superhero counterpart — at Disney World.

Disney just updated their audition website (hi, did you know Disney has an audition website? They do, and you can find out all their upcoming auditions here) to include the role of Doctor Strange.

Earlier today, Disney also announced that they will be a special Doctor Strange sneak peek happening at Hollywood Studios come this fall. Like they’ve done before in the past with sneak-peeks, you’ll watch a little video about the upcoming movie, maybe see some props, and then actually get to MEET characters from the film — in this case, Steven Strange.

Basically, the long and the short of it is this: Soon, Orlando will be FULL OF BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH LOOK-A-LIKES.

Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Possibly, Anaheim, California too, as the same behind-the-scenes sneak-peek will be happening there as well (but no auditions have been announced yet).

These Doctor Strange shenanigans kick off on October 7th, a month before Doctor Strange opens on November 4th. Better start planning your next trip to Disney, because this might be the closest you ever get to (the likeness of) Benedict.