Sammy Nickalls
October 07, 2015 5:16 pm

Disney princess costumes may be relegated to the little girl’s section of most stores, but that didn’t stop one little boy from wanting to dress up as his favorite Disney princess. And it also didn’t stop the little boy’s dad from encouraging and supporting his decision to dress up as his favorite Disney princess. And we’re loving all of it.

See, when three-year-old Caiden told his dad, Paul Henson, that he wanted to be Elsa for Halloween, Paul didn’t tell his son that Elsa is a costume for girls. He didn’t try to convince him to dress up as something else. Instead, he had the best response for his son. He let Caiden dress up as Elsa, snapped a super adorable shot of him, and posted it on Facebook on Sunday. And in the past three days, the picture has gone totally viral with over 24,000 shares. . . for the greatest reason we can think of.

“Anyone that knows us, knows we generally let Caiden make his own choices, to an extent,” Paul wrote in the post. “Well, he has decided on a Halloween costume. He wants to be Elsa.”

But that’s not all Caiden wants. “He also wants me to be Anna,” Paul continued. “Game on.”

“…Halloween is about children pretending to be their favorite characters. Just so happens, this week his is a princess,” Paul wrote. AND JUST LOOK AT THE ADORABLENESS:

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Top-notch parenting right here.  Paul isn’t worrying about ridiculous gender constructs — instead, he’s supporting his son by allowing him to dress however he pleases, sans societal expectations. And he’s been receiving so much support online. “The feedback has been amazing,” he told Refinery29. “So supportive and very humbling.”

Over a hundred people have commented on the picture, expressing their support and respect for the Bensons’ parenting techniques. “Him being three, we wanted this Halloween to be his,” Paul told Refinery29. “He made the choice, [so] we stood by it.”

Facebook commenters have expressed their love for Paul’s parenting, and one user even posted his OWN Queen Elsa (Alex Goree, you look fab):

You go, Paul. The “Father Of The Year” award is officially yours, obviously. BTW, we totally expect pics of you and Caiden trick-or-treating as the amazing Frozen duo. We’re sure you two will get so much candy, you won’t even know what to do with it.

(Image via Facebook.)