Sophy Ziss
Updated January 03, 2018

Years ago, the internet invented “Slender Man,” a fake urban legend about a spindly, faceless monster that lures young girls to a forest to do “his” bidding. The made-up myth had a chilling effect and went on to be the subject of a documentary and mass-interest after crimes were allegedly committed in its name. Now, the story is getting the horror movie treatment with Slender Man, and it looks appropriately freaky.

The first trailer for Slender Manhas all the hallmarks of a popcorn horror creepfest.

You name it, it’s in the trailer. Mysterious screaming? Check. Bugs crawling in places they should not be? You know it. Wide shots of gloomy forests, science class disasters, teens that have seemingly been possessed? Ab-so-lutely. Honestly, it looks scary as hell. Like, in an oddly comforting, “I-know-how-this-story-goes” type of way.

A movie based on the fictional shadow figure was announced more than two years ago, when Slender Man-based headlines were more prominent.

And this might be the first horror movie adapted from an internet Photoshop challenge. The way of the future! If you want to watch the Slender Man trailer, though, one quick warning: It’s pretty gory and horrifying. And not just because there’s a girl in a bathtub with way too much long, dark hair, giving us some serious Samara vibes.

Slender Man will be released on May 18th, 2018. Here’s hoping that the original Creepypasta writer at least gets a production credit on the story. And kids, be careful what memes you invent: They might just become a highly anticipated horror movie a few years later.