Sarah Terry
December 24, 2016 10:58 am
Michael Tran / Getty

Things in the world of false memory have gotten crazy this week as the internet misremembers the ’90s movie Shazam (which doesn’t even exist, FYI). But don’t worry, Sinbad says he’ll make the film Reddit said he made. That’s right — after a TON of controversy over who starred in a film called Shazam, Sinbad may have made our dreams come true.

Because while the ’90s comedy about a genie teaming up with a kid actually stars Shaquille O’Neal and was called Kaazam, we all thought it was Sinbad in Shazam. And even though we now know we had been totally mistaken, we’d still like to see that movie. Because Sinbad is hilarious.

So, um, Hollywood, are you listening? 

Now, Sinbad says fine, he’ll make Shazam, and it may be the holiday gift we ALL need.

We know there’s a lot more to making a genie movie than a tweet, but we SO wish this would happen ASAP.

We’ve missed the comedy stylings of Sinbad in classic comedies, and we say it’s the perfect time for our favorite guy to make a comeback. Plus, we could all use a little more genie magic in our lives.


Seriously — whatever we can do to make Shazam happen, we’re here for it!