Rachel Paige
Updated Sep 12, 2016 @ 12:37 pm
2016 Toronto International Film Festival - "Snowden" Press Conference
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On the eve of Comic-Con this past year, Lionsgate dropped some huge information and announced that the final film in the Divergent series, Ascendant, was still going to be a movie — but a TV movie, not a movie for the movie theaters.

During the Comic-Con panel for her upcoming movie, Snowden, Divergent’s star, Shailene Woodley, was asked about the big Tris switch. At the time, she told the crowd, “I honestly have no idea what’s going on with Divergent. I know as much as you do.”

That was already almost two months ago. Over the weekend — still doing promotional stuff for Snowden — Shailene once again commented on the future of Divergent, and explained,

Ugh, bummer, but we get it.

That brings us to today, where (yup, still Snowden press), Shailene was asked about Divergent. Again. According to her, she’d still “LOVE” to do the final movie, and would be up for doing the final movie in a heartbeat.


Okay, so it’s not a firm, solid “NO,” but Shailene’s answer seems pretty clear. She’d love to finish out the franchise, and she’d be happy to. However, she only wants to do it as a movie.

We totally get that. It’d be like if one of your friends invited you over to their house for an ice cream party, and then you showed up and they didn’t have any ice cream; They only had like, carrots and ranch dressing you’d be like, “excuse me, where is the ice cream? I was promised ice cream.”

So we get it, Shailene. And as she explains, no final decision about the fate of the movie has been made yet. Cross your fingers we get our Tris back.