Natalia Lusinski
April 09, 2017 10:31 am
MTV / MTV1415 / Getty Images for MTV

We love seeing these two actors appear in films together. Yup, Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller might star in yet another movie together, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s called Adrift, and would be the fifth film the actors are in together — and it’s got nothing to do with Divergent.

Currently, Woodley is attached to do Adrift.

It’s a thriller where she plays a woman on a sailing trip to Tahiti with her fiancé — and then they come up against a huge storm. The woman’s left alone at sea with the destroyed boat. And, it’s based on a true story. Talk about intrigue and suspense! Baltasar Kormákur, whose name probably sounds familiar from Everest, will direct, and it’ll be produced by STX Entertainment. Of course, we think Teller would be perfect to play Woodley’s husband in the film.

Let’s hope the deal closes and we’ll see Woodley and Teller on-screen together again.

Adrift will also have flashbacks of the couple’s relationship, pre-storm, according to THR.

Again, we’re ~big~ fans of the actors appearing in movies together. Please, Hollywood, make this happen! Look at what great chemistry they have when they’re in films together!

Okay, all this talk about Woodley and Teller together is making us want to have a Woodley-and-Teller-themed movie marathon! Anybody else?