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If you’re as madly in love with Scarlett Johansson and Black Widow as we are, get ready to freak TF out. ICYMI, Johansson plays Black Widow in The Avengers, and she is a *total* badass. We seriously couldn’t love her more! So we were beyond thrilled to hear that Johansson is down to make a Black Widow movie, and can totally see it becoming a reality — and soon!

Like, YES!!! Are we the only ones super freakin’ pumped right now? We have such high hopes for this film, especially since much of Black Widow’s backstory was cut, and so does Johannson! She elaborated,

But, there’s a catch. She joked,

LOL. We feel you, lady. We aren’t sure we’d want to spend our acting career in a catsuit either!

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Catsuit or not, we’re so pumped about the idea of a stand-alone Black Widow movie, and hope to get more details ASAP!