Could Josh Gad be joining the DC movie universe as The Penguin? With the release of the phenomenal Wonder Woman, the DC films are currently *booming*. Now attention is turning to the rest of the films on the DC slate, including Justice League, The Flash, Aquaman, and Batman — to see if they can reach the high bar Wonder Woman just set.

With Josh Gad on board, it looks like the standalone Batman film *could* potentially live up to Wonder Woman‘s legacy — but his casting hasn’t been officially announced yet. The Beauty and the Beast actor — who is EVERYWHERE right now — keeps dropping some not so subtle hints about his involvement in the DC film on Twitter.

Just a few weeks ago, Gad posted a photo of The Penguin, the notorious Batman villain on Twitter, with no caption.

While the tweet had fans *shook* (naturally), Gad never addressed it, so after a while, we just chalked it up to a simple fan post. However, yesterday things took a little bit of a turn. Gad tweeted another photo involving the DC character. The actor posed with DC Films heads Jon Berg and Geoff Johns at the DC Comic Headquarters and held up a comic book featuring The Penguin.

Umm, unless Gad is the *biggest* fan of The Penguin, we think something might be up. Frankly we’d really like to see Gad join the upcoming Batman movie. He’s not only incredibly talented, he’s also really funny — and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching billions of superhero films, its that sometimes the villain needs to be a little funny, especially with a *very* serious hero like Affleck’s Batman.