Kenya Foy
Updated Dec 26, 2016 @ 12:14 pm
Tim Allen In 'The Santa Clause'
Credit: Walt Disney Pictures/Getty Images

No matter how many times we’ve watched The Santa Clause, it never fails to leave us with anything but warm, fuzzy feelings — until now. In an eerily recut trailer of our fave Christmas film, someone decided to repackage The Santa Clause as a horror movie and all we can say is zoinks (!) because it’s actually creepy AF.

And by creepy, we don’t mean in a magical, Tim Burton-esque The Nightmare Before Christmas type of creepy film that we could watch alone in the dark. We’re talking about the disturbing, psychotic-thriller creepiness that erases the cute kid from The Santa Clause from your memory because the hairs on your forearm are standing up and making you want to hide under a blanket with a nightlight.

First off, we will admit that the premise of The Santa Clause is kind of horrifying: A grumpy non-Santa believer accidentally kills Santa and then takes over his job. That’s just cold-blooded even if murderer dad didn’t want the gig. Somehow, we’ve managed to completely gloss over this little oopsie of a homicide all because we couldn’t see past the holiday feels.

Then comes this trailer, which describes the new plot as follows:

Erm, that’s kinda sorta the same as the original, only here’s a minute-and-a-half worth of footage that proves they’re totally not the same. AT ALL.


Brilliant, but we’ll never be able to look Kris Kringle in the eye again without cringing.