Sarah Terry
September 02, 2016 12:56 pm

Back in the ’90s, villains were simpler. They were the cute but kind of jerky teen guys that were often good at sports and sassy comments. One of our faves, Sam Horrigan, played the overconfident jock in both Brink! and Little Giants, which really shaped our childhood. He was actually not the worst guy, he was just a little jerkier than the heroes.

You remember Sam. He played Val in the Disney Channel classic Brink!


Val was the main rival to Eric von Detten’s character, Brink, and their antics made us totally love roller blading. He was a total jerk, but how can we really be mad at that beautiful hair?

Sam also starred as Spike, the totally sexist football star in Little Giants.

Warner Brothers

We were SO annoyed when Spike tells Icebox that he doesn’t play with girls, and that was our first true taste of feminist outrage.

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Now, Sam has totally grown up, and he looks like a perfect gentleman.

But he’s still got a little bit of that bad boy smolder.

He is definitely looking good. But we must admit, we still miss the hair.