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La La Land star, Ryan Gosling is “very excited” that Tom Hanks likes the movie and now we want to see it even more. Is it December 16th yet?

The Los Angeles based musical film is critically acclaimed, but we’re more excited — as is Gosling — that The Circle actor is a fan, because let’s face it we are all-in on anything Hanks does or says, it’s just the truth.

While visiting The Wrap’s interview studio at the Toronto Film Festival back in September, Gosling and La La Land director, Damien Chazelle revealed that Hanks had seen the film and interrupted his own Sully interview to talk it ip, so they took the time to thank him for his support, which is adorable.

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Gosling explained that the whole cast was major fans of Hanks’ 1996 film, That Thing You Do, which was about an American boy band that hits the stardom level of the Beatles.

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La La Land’s director then used their interview time to give a shout out to Hanks’ more recent film, Sully, which he was supposed to be promoting when he instead gushed about their musical.

Okay, now both La La Land and Sully are definitely on our holiday movie must-watch list!