A lot of us have a soft spot for the “bad boys,” but sometimes being nice can get you far in life. For example, Ryan Gosling might get to play James Bond just because he handled that whole Oscars Best Picture mix-up with a smile.

While everyone on stage (and around the world) was aghast at the scene of Moonlight being given the coveted honor instead of the previously announced La La Land, Gosling was totally chill about the whole thing. He was caught quietly laughing to himself at the whole mess.

It’s that charm that has some people thinking he would make a perfect 007.

Don’t get yourself all stoked to see Gosling as Bond just yet though. No word has been given from producers that he’s actually in the running, but bookmakers William Hill, a U.K. group that sets the odds, now has Gosling at 10 to 1 for the iconic role, down from his previous odds of 14 to 1. A spokesperson for the group said, “Ryan Gosling showed an admirable sense of humor and his composure was worthy of Mr Bond — the coolest cucumber of them all.”

They’re betting that producers will take notice. Goslings supposed odds still put him behind James Norton, Tom Hardy, and Michael Fassbender to play Bond. All of them would be a good choice, though secretly we’re still holding out for Idris Elba or Daniel Craig’s return.

The return of James Bond has been confirmed, so the studios have to be looking for someone to play the man of mystery and Gosling would be a solid choice. He knows how to wear a suit, at the very least.

But there have also been rumors that Tom Hiddleston could be the next 007. The problem? No one’s asked him yet. He told reporters,

“Obviously it’s very flattering that people think I’m part of the conversation. …It’s difficult, because people say, ‘How would you feel if you were asked?’ And you don’t know because you haven’t been asked.”

Talk about awkward. Certainly not as awkward as the Academy mixing up the envelopes for Best Picture, though. If any one can handle all the craziness that Bond has to put up with, it’s probably Ryan Gosling. He just might want to work on his poker face. false

Can we make this happen?