Credit: Lionsgate

There are so many good movies coming out?! If nothing else we’ve got some serious cinema glory coming our way. One movie we’re looking forward to more than most is La La Land, partly because it stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, and partly because it’s a ~musical~ (be still our singing hearts).

Now we have even more to obsess over till it comes out: “City of Stars” from the La La Land soundtrack was just released. We’ve heard a bit of their singing in the trailers, but aslkdjfl;aksdf;k;alsdf. (You can quote us on that review.)

Let’s start by talking about how we knew Emma Stone was stupid talented. But even though we knew Ryan Gosling was about to be in this musical, we really had no idea Ryan Gosling could even sing. Frankly, we would’ve let him slide by based sheerly on his good looks and fun dynamic with co-star Emma Stone, but it’s good to have solid proof that he’s, you know, more talented than we knew. (Also, annoying. Be more perfect, Ryan. TRY.)

We were pretty pumped to listen to this song, but now that we have, we’re craving more so badlyyyyy. The movie and the soundtrack will both be released on December 9th — so close, yet so far away, and we are counting. the. days.