Rachel Sanoff
August 26, 2016 4:18 pm
Buena Vista Pictures

We do not deserve a film as entirely beautiful and hilarious as Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.

Yet somehow, in 1997, the incredible performances of Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow blessed our culture with a once in a lifetime story of female friendship, the underdog, and sequined minidresses.

Almost 20 years old, the movie is still worshiped by aspiring businesswomen everywhere, so how can we honor Romy and Michele in our daily lives?

Well, that’s what Etsy is for:

The fiercest cup of coffee you’ll ever drink

AmberLynnsCloset / www.etsy.com

This mug by AmberLynnsCloset will let everyone around you know that they are dealing with a VERY successful woman.

Or maybe you prefer to express your accomplishment in another way.

The3rdClass / www.etsy.com

This t-shirt by The3rdClass screams wealth and power.

When you need a little confidence-boost with your outfit.

MyMainTees / www.etsy.com

Watch out, Tuscon!!!! (By MyMainTees)

I want to powerclash with this pattern all day.

PHILIPNORMAL / www.etsy.com

This PHILIPNORMAL shirt is art.

For your shrine to Heather Mooney, the OG alt girl.

bsmithereens / www.etsy.com

This artistic rendering of Janeane Garofalo by bsmithereens needs to hang in the home of every former (and current) bad girl.

A Romy and Michele comic strip that you can wear?!

ThatSparrowBoy / www.etsy.com

ThatSparrowBoy captured so many of the greatest scenes.

You can BE Romy and/or Michele.

vintageysj / www.etsy.com

Romy and Michele DID become fashion designers, after all. You better get your closet looking right with this Romy and Michele-inspired dress by vintageysj.

You will get the best sleep of your LIFE with this pillow.

CraftEncounters / www.etsy.com

Unless you are too busy laughing at all of the quotes featured by CraftEncounters.

The greatest friendship bracelet you will ever know.

EclecticRedsDallas / www.etsy.com

EclecticRedsDallas so subtly captured the greatest argument in film history.

Or BFF mugs

TheTipsyGypsyCo / www.etsy.com

Too good. (By TheTipsyGypsyCo)

Or BFF coffee tumblers

CraftinginCali / www.etsy.com

“You look so good with blond hair and black roots it’s, like, not even funny.” Best friends forever. (By CraftinginCali)

The lapel pin that every businesswoman needs on her power suit.

FoxAndRoseShop / www.etsy.com

This pin by FoxAndRoseShop is professional af.

The story of Romy and Michele is museum-level art.

RedPandaDesigns / www.etsy.com

Exhibit A. (By RedPandaDesigns)

Okay, one more Mary and Rhoda reference because c’mon

LoyalNinja / www.etsy.com

(By LoyalNinja)

Your denim jacket is missing its dose of Madonna-imitation and eternal friendship.

NightOwlButtons / www.etsy.com

By NightOwlButtons

Next time you need the perfect comeback, just look down at your shirt.

ThatSparrowBoy / www.etsy.com

“You’re a bad person with an ugly heart.” (Another one by ThatSparrowBoy)

OMG, the business woman special

seasandpeas / www.etsy.com

All the best Romy and Michle references by seasandpeas