rogue one
Credit: Lucasfilm

Now that you’ve seen the latest installment of the Star Wars saga, Rogue One, it’s time to talk about it (and if you haven’t seen it, I’m pretty sure literally every movie theater on the planet is showing it right now). It is a super heavy movie to process, and while we are certainly ready to digest it all, we need to talk about the Bothans in the room. The Rogue One we just saw up on the big screen was not the same Rogue One pitched to us in the teasers and trailers.

Yes, at its heart, Rogue One is still a movie about stealing the plans for the Death Star (a mission we knew all along would be successful because, come on, we’ve seen A New Hope). HOWEVER, the trailers billed us this story: Criminal girl meets Rebels, Rebels convince criminal girl to risk her life for the Rebellion, criminal girl succeeds and low and behold the Rebels can blow up the Death Star.

Wow, how cool is that story? The trailers sure made Rogue One seem as if it was a story of redemption, and even before we knew the character of Jyn Erso, we were cheering for her. But that’s not how the events of Rogue One play out.

Turns out the Rebellion doesn’t want Jyn to steal the plans for the Death Star.

You see, no one really trusts Jyn. They also don’t trust her father (the architect behind the Death Star). Halfway through the movie, Jyn hears a transmission from her father, Galen, and he tells her that while, yes, he built the Death Star, he also built in a way to destroy it. The transmission is destroyed along with Jedda, and even though Jyn relays this information — and others do believe her — no one really wants to risk a bunch of Rebel lives on the word of a criminal. Jyn proposes stealing the plans, and the Rebels are like, “nah, we’re good.”

However, since Jyn is Jyn, she’s like “F that,” and goes against the orders of Mon Mothma and steals a ship anyway to head off to an Empire base.

Bye bye, Jyn! Have fun stealing the plans for the Death Star!

And still, cannot reiterate this enough, the movie is still about stealing the plans for the Death Star. That hasn’t changed. Just, the vibe of the movie changes drastically from what we saw in the trailers — and we certainly saw the Rebel leaders telling Jyn that they had a mission for her. They actually don’t. They forbid her from going on her mission. The movie pivots from that idea, and suddenly Rogue One is all about Jyn’s own mission and SO HELP HER, she is going to do whatever she can to get those plans.

The editing of the trailers made it seem like one movie, and obviously, we still would have gone to see that movie (that’s the movie many of us thought we were walking into). But that’s not what happens. And honestly, the version we got is 10x better, because the Star Wars world, and our own world, needs more Jyns.