Ashley Rey
November 25, 2016 3:13 pm
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

That moment when Santa delivers one of your stocking stuffers well before Christmas Day… Yep, it just happened for us. Star Wars fans will be able to purchase their Rogue One advanced tickets Monday — almost three weeks before the film opens.

Announced Thanksgiving night, online ticket sellers Atom Tickets and Fandango will be selling seats as of midnight on Cyber Monday.

This news couldn’t have some at a better time seeing as we’re all freaking out over the latest trailer. And the fact that the newest Star Wars flick is so ethically diverse makes us intrigued to see it even more.

And as if buying advanced tickets wasn’t good enough, there are also deals on some exclusive Rogue One merchandise!

Retailer Atom Tickets also announced that they will be offering Cyber Monday deals on the gear through their mobile app.

The highly-anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (finally) opens in the US on December 16.