Credit: Lucasfilm

Rogue One might be a stand-alone Star Wars film but it has some pretty amazing ties back to the original trilogy. In fact, the end of Rogue One leads perfectly into the very first Star Wars film A New Hope.

Rogue One didn’t even feature a Jedi, but that doesn’t mean the film wasn’t strongly tied into the Star Wars franchise. In fact, the end of Rogue One is the perfect segue into A New Hope, as we see Princess Leia send the Death Star plans hidden inside R2D2 to save them from Darth Vader. Those Death Star plans were recovered in A New Hope.

Rogue One then ends with Darth Vader attacking a rebel ship, which barely escapes with the plans (and Princess Leia) aboard. Of course, A New Hope then picks up as Darth Vader chases the ship. Yes, it’s a pretty seamless connection when you actually think about it.

Credit: Lucasfilm

If you weren’t sure of just how well-done the tie-in between the two films was, now an editor has spliced the end of Rogue One with the beginning of A New Hope. And the result is pretty cool. It becomes pretty obvious that it was the intention of the Rogue One filmmakers all along.

Watch the basically perfect transition spliced together here:

Pretty neat, right? It would be the perfect double-feature and you’re in luck because you can soon own Rogue One, which is available digitally on March 24th and on Blu-ray on April 4th. So get psyched to watch these films back-to-back for the first time!