Rachel Paige
August 15, 2016 5:17 pm

Before you go any further, know that there are some spoilers in this trailer, and they’re NOT in the Rogue One trailer released last week. So if you’re trying to shield yourself from all major plot points from the upcoming Star Wars movie, turn back now. And come back whenever you’re ready to learn some major intel about the movie.

Ready to receive this transmission?

Rogue One will follow the story of what happens before Luke Skywalker blows up the Death Star in A New Hope. For him to even be able to do that, there had to be a ~secret mission~ to steal the plans for the Death Star, and that’s where Rogue One comes in. Lead by Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), she and her group of Rebels are on one of the most dangerous missions in the galaxy.

And as we now know, thanks to this new trailer, it looks like Jyn’s dad is actually the one responsible for this ultimate weapon.

This information has already leaked out, actually. It’s not a HUGE surprise that Jyn’s dad is directly connected to the Emperor…but it is a surprise to learn that he’s the one who sent sent out the transmission about the Death Star in the first place. That’s what was intercepted by the Rebellion, and that’s what they’re sending Jyn into retrieve. But did Jyn’s dad send this by accident, or on purpose to alert the rest of the galaxy to what’s going on?

Ah, Star Wars sure loves their father-sondaughter stories, don’t they?

There are a few other scenes in this trailer that didn’t make their way into the one we saw last week, and a lot more scenes of Jyn flying around in an X-Wing. Is it December 16th yet?