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Hello! There are spoilers ahead for Rogue One, the latest installment of the ever-growing Star Wars universe. If you haven’t seen the movie, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? What are you doing at a computer?? Omg, stop whatever you’re doing (unless it’s like, work), and go find the nearest theater screening Rogue One, and since all the theaters are screening Rogue One, you should be fine.

Because then we need to talk about the fact that many scenes from the Rogue One trailers are absent from the final movie.

We’ve been watching, and re-watching, the Rogue One trailers for the better part of the last year, and have a lot of things memorized by now — like Jyn’s ~iconic~ “I rebel” line to the Rebel leaders. However, that’s not in the movie. Not at all. Unless I was just crying so hard through that scene (listen, I cried a lot during Rogue One), I never once heard Jyn proclaim, loud and proud, “I rebel.”

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That’s not the only missing scene. Here are a few others that are MIA, just like the plans for the Death Star after the Rebels steal them:

This “good” scene:

Credit: Lucasfilm, HelloGiggles

This hella moody moment where Director Krennic looks like he wants to, uh, blow up a planet :

Credit: Lucasfilm

K-2SO and Jyn’s ~friend~ exchange:

Credit: Lucasfilm, HelloGiggles


Credit: Lucasfilm

This scene with Jyn, Cassian, and K-S20 running through the base (right? This never happened, right? Jyn clearly has the Death Star plans in her hand and we all know what she did with the plans once she got them):

Credit: Lucasfilm

Follow up, never saw Jyn and Cassian run through the sand while dodging AT-ATs fire:

Credit: Lucasfilm

How dare you deprive us of this iconic walking-on-water Director Krennic moment:

Credit: Lucasfilm

Jyn, at no point, was ever in this cool light-up hallway:

Credit: Lucasfilm

Aaaand, pretty sure we never got this ominous Vader scene:

Credit: Lucasfilm

With any giant, blockbuster movie, there are going to be scenes filmed that just don’t make it into the final movie. More than likely, there’s something like ten hours of Rogue One footage out there, and they had to narrow it all down to two — things are going to get cut.

But this is also a perfect time to talk about the Rogue One reshoots! This summer we learned that reshoots for the movie were happening, and while we were horribly worried at the time, turns out the finished product is pretty good (Rogue One review: 💯). BUT, more than likely, the fact that these scenes are missing from the movie simply points to the fact that the moments above were scrapped during the reshoots.

It’s fine to have cut footage make it into the trailer; we’re just going to point it out because we’re THAT obsessed with Star Wars.