Heather Mason
Updated Apr 07, 2017 @ 3:51 pm

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is officially available for you to watch at home (yay!!), which means on your 10th re-watch you might start to see some of the sneaky easter eggs slipped into the film. That’s right, there are an abundance of easter eggs in Rogue One for lovers of many different parts of the Star Wars universe. And now, new videos released from Star Wars reveal a few of the coolest ones you might’ve missed. Let’s dive in!

Credit: Lucasfilm

First up, let’s check in on those droids. You may have spotted a familiar-looking droid in the background of Rogue One if you’ve seen The Empire Strikes Back. But, of course, you have! Anyway, this droid discovered the base on Hoth so he’s pretty important. It’s nice to see him around way back in Rogue One.

Credit: Lucasfilm

Who doesn’t like board games?! We know Chewbacca does. You probably remember the game Dejarik that Chewie plays on the Millenium Falcon when he has a spare moment. Well, he plays a holographic version but in Rogue One, the original is played. Love this connection!

Credit: Lucasfilm

Got any Disney XD Star Wars Rebels fans out there?! Well, you probably heard the voiceover calling for General Syndulla over the loudspeaker — that was an awesome nod to Hera Syndulla. In case you didn’t notice it, time to go back and re-watch!

Credit: Lucasfilm

So cool, right?! Check out a few more of the easter eggs from Rogue One in the videos below:

Grab Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on Blu-ray and digital now. Can you find more easter eggs on your own?! May the Force be with you.