Caitlin Gallagher
Updated Aug 01, 2017 @ 4:24 pm

With the news breaking that a script for a third Princess Diaries exists, you can’t blame us for getting nostalgic about the original 2001 movie. The Disney movie was Anne Hathaway’s breakout role and it allowed a generation of girls to dream that one day they could magically find out they are princesses too. Yet, what made The Princess Diaries so wonderful was that Mia Thermopolis wasn’t a perfect princess — she was a relatable teenager just trying to get through high school. And during that journey, Mia in The Princess Diaries found her true love — Michael Moscovitz.

Although Chris Pine is a mega movie star nowadays, he wasn’t when he first showed up in The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement and Michael fans felt betrayed. Yeah, Mia explained in a diary voice-over during the sequel that Michael and she were just friends since he was busy touring the U.S. with his band (which, as Glamour reported, was actually what actor Robert Schwartzman was doing with his band, Rooney), but that wasn’t enough to satisfy fans who know that Mia and Michael are The Princess Diaries‘ OTP.

In the Meg Cabot books that inspired the movies, Mia and Michael get married and in 2016, Schwartzman didn’t rule out appearing in The Princess Diaries 3 once he found out this information. So while the second movie has Mia falling in love with Pine’s Nicholas Devereaux, #TeamMichael fans have a reason to still believe that Michael and Mia were the best Princess Diaries couple — and here are seven reasons why.

1He’s related to her best friend.

It might seem kind of incestuous that Mia’s first boyfriend is also her best friend Lilly’s brother, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Obviously, Mia has a bond with the Moscovitz family and she shares their same quirky, unorthodox personalities — like doing the robot at a royal ball. So why shouldn’t Mia’s true love be related to her best friend? Plus, think how fun family parties and holidays would be for them??

2He liked her before she was a princess…

Michael was smitten with Mia right from the start of The Princess Diaries when she was just a seemingly average, frizzy-haired girl. What was even more fantastic about his low-key crush was the fact that Michael himself was a dreamboat with girls fawning over him due to his musical talents. And Michael Moscovitz is still swoon-worthy today, which fans of the charming Schwartzman brothers (Robert is Jason’s brother) aren’t the least bit surprised by.

3… and before she had her makeover.

But can you blame him for liking Mia’s more polished look? And while he may have ogled her a little bit after her makeover, he subtly defended her against Lilly when her BFF was berating Mia for her new straight hair and then he even thanked Mia for standing up for herself! Whatta guy!

4He never lied to her.

While Pine’s appeal in The Princess Diaries 2 is undeniable, he definitely was manipulative and withholding of information. That wasn’t Michael’s style at all. When Mia ditched him to hang out with the popular kids (to be fair, she did tell him beforehand that she’d be skipping on the date), he openly showed that he wasn’t happy with her decision. But something else that was cool about that? He was upset that she had hurt him, but it seemed like he was more annoyed that she wasn’t being true to herself.

5They share a love of cars and ingenious junk food.

Mia would never have gotten her “baby” if it wasn’t for Michael’s help in fixing up her Ford Mustang. And a dinner of pizza and M&Ms sounds like our ideal date night.

6He came and saved the day.

Whose heart didn’t skip a beat when Michael accepted Mia’s apology and showed up at the ball so that Mia would have someone to dance with?

7He gave Mia her first real foot pop.

Sure, Josh Bryant might have given Mia her first kiss, but Michael is the one that gave her the romantic movie heel pop.

While it may be a longshot that Michael Moscovitz will appear if The Princess Diaries 3 really happens, at least we all know that he was Mia’s real true love.