Olivia Harvey
Updated Apr 04, 2017 @ 2:05 pm

Disney-lovers, are you sitting down? Because your mind is about to be blown. People think that they’ve found the real-life Moana, and the resemblance is pretty uncanny. Meet 17-year-old Mikayla, who might want to legally change her name to Moana to make her life easier. She dressed up at the Polynesian princess for WonderCon 2017, and it’s seriously like Moana hopped off the big screen.

So naturally, after Mikayla posted a few photos of herself online dressed in Moana’s costume at the end of the film, the internet flipped OUT. And honestly, so did we.

But can you blame us? Just look at her!


Try to find one part of this cosplay that isn’t spot on — including her FACE. That’s what we thought. You can’t! It’s almost too much to handle.

Credit: Mikayla / twitter.com - Disney

Mikayla has received so many compliments from Moana lovers and some young fans are now convinced that Moana is real!

And actually, the more we look at these photos, the more we’re convinced that Mikayla and Moana might be one in the same. There’s some serious Disney magic at play. false

Although Mikayla has been getting a whole lot of love for this cosplay, she’s also been dealing with some backlash for portraying Moana, who’s Polynesian, when Mikayla is Filipino. Mikayla clarified to her Twitter followers that she’s not aiming to offend, and only wants to celebrate the fact that there is a Disney princess who looks like her.


Seeing how much thought, time, and effort Mikayla put into bringing Moana to life, it’s clear that she has only love for the character she portrayed so well.