Olivia Harvey
Updated Mar 08, 2017 @ 2:04 pm

Just like the rest of you, we were also eagerly awaiting our Hogwarts acceptance letter on our eleventh birthday and were crushed when it didn’t arrive. And while we thought that was the final nail in the coffin of our hope that the world of Harry Potter was real, something just happened that has made us believe again. We just learned that there’s a real-life dementor, and us Harry Potter fans are freaking the freak out about it.

The faceless ghoul was spotted in Zambia, of all places. It was hanging out outside a mall in the city of Kitwe. Fishy. What in Dumbledore’s name does a dementor need to go shopping for…?

Perhaps it needed to pick up a new hoodie.

Or maybe some mouthwash or breath mints?

Okay, sorry — we didn’t mean to offend! We’re reminded by Digital Spy that dementors cannot be destroyed. So even after the destruction of He Who Shall Not Be Named, these “poor guys” still have to linger around, thriving on “decay and despair,” as J.K. Rowling told us in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Ah, well. Indoor malls can be pretty depressing sometimes. Especially when you can’t remember what entrance you came in through, amiright?

Onlookers stated that the figure stayed in the air for over 30 minutes and was about 100 metres long. But for those who didn’t get the Hogwarts letter, and could still see the dementor (muggles cannot see dementors), we might have an answer for you.

This thing was actually just a kite.


But don’t let this ruin your belief in the IRL Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Just be glad that those who saw the Zambian dementor lived to tell the tale.

Besides, letters get lost in the mail all the time. That Hogwarts acceptance letter is due to show up any day now…