Olivia Harvey
Updated August 10, 2017

She may be doing a kick-ass job in her role reprisal of Raven Baxter on Disney’s Raven’s Home, but we need to know if Raven-Symoné will be back on board for The Princess Diaries 3. If you can think back to 2004, you’ll recall that Raven-Symoné played Princess Asana in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement.

How could you forget that song and dance she shared with Julie Andrews (aka Queen Clarisse Renaldi)? “Your Crowning Glory” was the hit of the slumber party talent show!

Thankfully, Raven-Symoné sat down with BuzzFeed and answered that burning question. Is she up for bringing Princess Asana back to the silver screen?

Princess Diaries 3 is officially in the works. We have a script. Julie Andrews, Anne Hathaway, and Heather Matarazzo are in. And now we know that Raven is down, too, so let’s get this ball rolling, people.

While talking to BuzzFeed, Raven-Symoné also gave us insight as to what it was like to be the star of Disney’s 2000s hit That’s So Raven. She talked about how the cast and crew were family, and a lot of those involved in That’s So Raven returned to work on Raven’s Home.

You can check out her full BuzzFeed interview here:

While we wait for confirmation that Princess Asana is coming back to be in Princess Diaries 3 (Hey, Julie Andrews! Look over here!),we’ll get our Raven-Symoné fill on Raven’s Home, which airs every Friday at 8 p.m. EST on the Disney Channel.

We’re rooting for you, Princess Asana.