Jill Layton
Updated July 31, 2016
Loot Crate Productions

By now, you’ve probably seen a trailer or 20 of Suicide Squad. It seems like a new clip or trailer has been released twice a week over the last few months in preparation for the amazingness that is Suicide Squad.

We’re definitely not mad about it though — we can’t get enough Harley Quinn, Enchantress, the Joker, Amanda Waller, etc. — and the movie hasn’t even premiered.

Well once again, another trailer has been released. Only this time, it’s a parody. But TBH, it’s just as amazing

The parody video was released by Loot Crate Productions and written and directed by Julian Higgins. It envisions what the upcoming comic book movie would like if it was directed by non other than Quentin Tarantino — the master of all things comic books.

YouTube/Loot Crate Productions

Tarantino also stars in the parody (not the real Tarantino — an actor plays him) as well as a some of his most iconic characters: Jules from Pulp Fiction, Lt. Aldo Raine from Inglourious Basterds, Django from Django Unchained and The Bride and Gogo from Kill Bill: Vol. 1.

Loot Crate Productions

Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller also makes an appearance.

The actors are so spot-on, by the end of the trailer, try not to be disappointed that this isn’t an actual real life movie.

Warning warning warning: It’s Tarantino, so lots of violence to follow!!! Do not watch if R-rated stuff bugs you! We beg of you!!

The real Suicide Squad premieres on August 5 — LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY!