The best lines from "The Princess Bride" in honor of its 30th anniversary


This October 15th marks the 30th anniversary of Princess Bride, the iconic 1987 film that made us all geek out and want to find a love like Westley and Buttercup’s. And to honor the rom-com’s anniversary and limited re-release in movie theaters, we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite quotes from the film. Yes, we’ve got the oft-quoted “You killed my father. Prepare to die,” but we’ve also tossed in some lesser-known lines, too.

After reading these, you might just be inspired to head to the movie theater this Sunday and watch Princess Bride one more time.

1That’s deep

Buttercup: You mock my pain.
Man in Black: Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

2Cutting right to the point

Inigo Montoya: Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

3Heart eyes

Westley: Hear this now: I will always come for you.
Buttercup: But how can you be sure?
Westley: This is true love. You think this happens every day?

4Simple question

Inigo Montoya: I do not mean to pry, but you don’t by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?

5As you wish

Grandpa [narrating]: Nothing gave Buttercup as much pleasure as ordering Westley around.
Buttercup: Farm boy, polish my horse’s saddle. I want to see my face shining in it by morning.
Westley: As you wish.

6When decent fellows meet

Inigo Montoya: You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you.
Man in Black: You seem a decent fellow. I hate to die.

7Get used to it

Inigo Montoya: Who are you?
Man in Black: No one of consequence.
Inigo Montoya: I must know…
Man in Black: Get used to disappointment.


Vizzini: He didn’t fall? INCONCEIVABLE.
Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

9Watch out for the R.O.U.S.

Buttercup: Westley, what about the ROUSes?
Westley: Rodents of Unusual Size? I think they don’t exist.

10We love a love story

Grandpa [narrating]: Since the invention of the kiss, there have been five kisses that rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.

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