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Since we saw the trailer for the new Power Rangers movie, we’ve been unable to contain our excitement — Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa sealed the deal, and then there’s the legit NOSTALGIA!

And now we have even more reason to lose our minds, because Entertainment Weekly let us know that as part of the marketing campaign for the film, there’s a website for Angel Grove High School!

As in, the fictional high school of the Rangers.

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YES OH YES this is a true story. It’s called The Roar, which is the student newspaper. You can literally visit the site and read all about student life and sports, and profiles of the Red, Yellow and Pink Rangers.

i.e. you can see who’s too cool for school, because let’s face it, that’s the point of every school newspaper. And you know who is pretty darn cool? Jason (and yes, they use all the original Ranger names)!

Come on March 2017!

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