When we learned Amy Schumer was shooting a film with Goldie Hawn, we were psyched. After all, they are both queens of comedy, although until now we haven’t seen Goldie Hawn for over a decade while she focused all her energy on The Hawn Foundation, an absolutely amazing organization that provides social and emotional learning programs for children.

As Goldie explained:

And there’s no one better to laugh with than Amy Schumer.

As Goldie herself noted:

Although details of this still-unnamed comedy (directed by Jonathan Levine of Warm Bodies and 50/50 fame) are kept under-wraps, the writer of the still-unnamed film Katie Dippold (who also co-wrote the most recent Ghostbusters) opened up a bit about the plot with Collider:

“[The film] is based off my mom. When I was younger, my mom was always very adventurous. Her and my dad divorced when I was in college, and she’s gotten more concerned about safety. She wants to make sure the doors are locked. I feel like there used to be a more adventurous spirit in her. She’s still lovely and awesome. She’s like, “I’m 66 years old, just leave me alone right now.”

But I started daydreaming about, what if I took her on a crazy vacation somewhere, and then I took us off the beaten path, just to shake things up. So then, I started thinking about a movie version of that. So, the movie is that. She gets taken off the beaten path, but then everything the mother feared is correct. So, it’s then basically trying to get to an American embassy through the Amazon rainforest and whatnot. I still need to take my mom on this trip, and I swear I’m going to do it, this year. At the end of production, I will take my mom on vacation and not just mock her through this movie.”

Well, thanks to Amy Schumer’s Instagram feed, we have a closer look at what we’re sure is going to be a hilarious film.

For one thing, it seems to be shot in paradise:

Two stellar comediennes, just lounging around and having fun

Oh, and Chris Meloni is somehow involved.

Detective Stabler, we’ve missed you!

Amy gets cozy with screenwriter Katie Dippold.

Is that a barn on fire in the background?!

Shooting must be going well because Amy can still laugh at herself.

How is that even possible?

Whatever the upper 18 incher was, it’s dead now.

RIP 18 incher.

Even Goldie Hawn joined in on the Instagram fun, posting her incredibly muddy walk to set.

We’re so excited about this movie! We can’t wait to learn more. And, you know, eventually watch it a million times.