The Last Jedi
Credit: Lucasfilm

Creatives risks are sometimes, well, risky. And apparently enough people thought a specific part of The Last Jedi was a mistake that AMC theaters are putting up warnings outside theater doors so that audience know what to expect.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Okay, if you’ve seen the movie, then you’ll undoubtedly recall the major moment when Laura Dern, aka Vice-Admiral Holdo, heroically drives her small transport ship directly into the The First Order’s mega ship in order to allow the rest of the Resistance to make it to safety. In the seconds following the major impact, all goes silent, and the audience is left to sit with the visual magnitude of both the crash and its significance. After about 10 seconds, sound comes back in full force (no pun intended), and it’s back to explosions-as-usual.

But apparently, not everyone got the artistic flourish. AMC is now posting this in certain theaters:

VFX supervisor Ben Morris noted that the lack of sound was definitely intentional, and told Collider that,

We’re not gonna lie: We’re smacking our foreheads right now, because it seemed clear that the silent moment — the only silent one throughout the entire film — was both intentional and, honestly, pretty brilliant. So it admittedly makes us sad that the moment was lost on enough viewers to require a “warning.”

That being said, you do you, AMC. We’re all for anything that helps people better enjoy the latest installment of one of the greatest franchises of all freaking time.