Credit: Marvel

Earlier this year, we were asked to pick a side: Team Captain America, or Team Iron Man?

It was all in good fun, and all in good promotion leading up to Captain America: Civil War, a movie that pitted Avenger against Avenger as they fought for their rights to save the world…however they want to save the world. Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, didn’t want any ~accords~ imposed on his team and his methods, while Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, was all for rules and regulations.

In the end, while neither side truly came to an agreement, Steve and Tony agreed to let bygones be bygones, and realized there’s more important things out there than fighting over who gets to save the world and HOW. But before that ever happened, the two had a pretty epic fight that saw them joined by many characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we know and love.

Like, a one Scott Lange, aka Ant-Man, aka Paul Rudd, aka Forever Dreamboat.

Credit: Marvel/Giphy

Though his role in Civil War was small (WORDPLAY), Ant-Man joined forces with Team Cap in hopes of stopping the regulations put on the Avengers. And since there’s no such thing as actual small parts when it comes to Avengers movies, Ant-Man actually became Giant Man, and it was one of the best moments of the movie.

Credit: Marvel

Now, as we’ve just learned, this whole thing was almost entirely different. Once upon a time, Ant-Man really teamed up with…Iron Man.

Andy Parker, an artist with Marvel, just revealed that at one point, Ant-Man was actually set to fight Captain America, and we’re so happy we never actually saw this battle happen.

It does kinda make sense that at one point, Ant-Man was Team Iron Man. Like we saw during Ant-Man, Scott loves his daughter SO MUCH, and will do anything for her, and probably felt a strong pull to stick to the right side of the law.

But instead, he went rogue, joined up with Cap, became Giant Man, was outwitted by Spider-Man, was captured, was sent to S.H.I.E.L.D. jail, and eventually freed by Cap. All in a day’s work, right?