oscar two
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Hey. Maybe you’re familiar with Oscar Isaac. You know, he plays the hotshot X-Wing pilot with a droid for a BFF in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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Also sometimes he’s got a glorious beard and a cat, and other times he’s painted blue.

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You might slowly be getting acquainted with Isaac right now, and very much enjoying what you see. It’s great. There’s also no time like the present to appreciate Oscar Isaac from yesteryear, so let’s do that right now. Let’s take a quick look back at a younger Oscar Isaac — a younger Oscar Isaac with long, beautiful, flowing hair. This was 2005. A great year, IMHO.

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Why, yes, we’re a big fan of this long hair + brown jacket ensemble. Two thumbs way up.

oscar two
Credit: Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images, J. Vespa /Getty Images

Everything about this look is soooo 2000s, including the super-straight, slicked back guy hair. But sometimes he decided to hide his beautiful locks, and wore a newsboy hat. ALSO SO 2000s.

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You know what? The more and more we think about it, Poe should grow his hair out.

Credit: Lucasfilm, Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images