Olivia Harvey
March 27, 2017 9:30 am
Universal Pictures

Any time we read something that says, “Feel old yet?”, we brace ourselves for what’s to come. Example: Actress Kathy Burke posted a photo to Twitter on Friday with the caption: “Want to feel old?” To accompany this query, she posted a side-by-side photo of what her godson, Octopus Boy from Love Actually, looks like now. Yes, we feel old now, but we’re also so glad we saw the tweet.

The super adorable and incredibly dressed boy, awkwardly seated between his sister Natalie and the Prime Minister in a cramped car, grew up to be a beautiful human. He’s got a British boy band look to him and has certainly come a long way from his octopus days.

Some fans of the Christmastime romance lamented over the fact that an all-grown-up Billy Campbell — who seemingly goes by “Bill” now — did not appear in the short Love Actually sequel, which aired on Friday for Red Nose Day. Of course it’s exciting to learn about what happened to the main characters of the film, 14 years after Love Actually’s debut. But what the heck happened to Octopus Boy?

If you remember, Natalie and the Prime Minister share a candid conversation before being interrupted by Campbell’s one line, “We’re here!” Hilarious! We need more!

And if you were wondering, Campbell’s character did have an actual name other than “Octopus Boy.” His character’s name was Keith, according to the Love Actually script. To be more specific, the script refers to him as “Octopus Keith,” but still — he has a name!

But perhaps a grown-up Octopus Keith has a future in the film industry after all —

Now that’s a movie we would absolutely go see! Besides, we think Campbell should get more use out of that octopus costume. It took his mother months to create! “8 is a lot of legs, David!”