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Following super critical reviews, things got so intense that fans fought to shut down Rotten Tomatoes—many wondered how Suicide Squad would do financially. Considering, too, how extremely expensive the film was (have you *seen* those costumes?!), supporters hoped that the film wouldn’t take too big of a hit. And, well, we have some good news: The film made a LOT of money.

Suicide Squad made BANK

Suicide Squad ended up making $135.1 million during its opening weekend, proving the power of dedicated fans. Between the obsessed and those curious about what all the hype was about, the film totally killed it, resulting in audiences showing up in massive numbers. The film made major news for having the highest August opening ever, which is just like, *wow* no matter how you feel about the movie.

And it made history

Plus, the film showed the impact of IMAX, with numbers accounting for $18.2 million of Suicide Squad’s $135.1 million. So, too, the film made history by having the strongest-ever August showing of all IMAX films. Too, the success of the film also made it the biggest opening weekend of Will Smith’s career. When you consider how many films Smith has been in ( I Am Legend made $77.2 million in its first weekend in 2007), this is HUGE.

Fanbases have *so* much power

Regardless of your thoughts on the film, this is definitely proof that fanbases have a lot of pull when it comes to the success (or failure) of a film.