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One of the best things about The Nightmare Before Christmas is that it bridges that wide gap between our two favorite holidays – Halloween and Christmas. We love absolutely everything about Tim Burton’s iconic film. From the ground-breaking, beautiful animation to the unforgettable music (**SINGS OUT LOUD** “What’s this?! What’s this?!”), we feel like we can never get enough Nightmare in our lives to be honest! And now, thanks to the creative masterminds at the Content & Media team at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media we have just that…

Behold, The Nightmare Before Christmas as told by Emoji!

We’ve seen other incredibly clever emoji stories by Disney’s talented team in the past, including some of our other favorite Disney films like Tangled, and the latest emoji story carries on that tradition perfectly. They capture all your favorite moments from The Nightmare Before Christmas with just a few adorable images.

Like when Jack discovers the ~holiday forrest~.

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When Jack comes back to Halloween Town with his new Christmas ideas.

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And, of course, the infamous accidental Easter Bunny kidnapping…

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And, if you are AS BIG a fan of this film as we are, OBVIOUSLY you’ll want to re-create some of this magic on your phone too, and guess what…you’re in luck! Because you can download Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas iMessage sticker pack right here and become your very own PUMPKIN KING!