After months of teasing us, Pixar has finally released a new trailer for its upcoming film Coco and we’re in LOVE. Coco tells the story of Miguel Rivera a boy who accidentally ends up in the Land of the Dead. But how? With this new trailer, we get a glimpse as to how he — and his lovable dog Dante — end up there.

In the trailer, we meet aspiring musician Miguel…whose family has banned music. Miguel decides to visits the tomb of his idol, deceased musician Ernesto de la Cruz, during Día de los Muertos. Miguel strums Ernesto’s beloved guitar and — BAM, finds himself in the vibrant, colorful Land of the Dead.

As a confused Miguel tries to navigate this new world, he encounters some familiar people: His deceased relatives, including his great-great grandmother, Mamá Imelda, who holds the key to the Rivera family music ban. During his trip to the Land of The Dead, Miguel also comes across trickster Hector, and together they’ll work to unlock the real history of the Rivera family.

It’s guaranteed that you will cry no less than a dozen times during this film. Per Pixar tradition, it certainly seems like Coco is going to be a moving tale of family, loss, music, and friendship. We’re already getting a little weepy.

Speaking with Oh My Disney, director Lee Unkrich spoke about creating two very different worlds featuring the Rivera family.

Gael García Bernal Benjamin Bratt, Jamie Camil, and newcomer Anthony Gonzalez star in Coco, which will be released in theaters on November 22nd. We’ll be there with our box(es) of tissues.