Disney Reportedly In Talks To Buy Pixar
Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

We ~love~ Pixar, everything from Finding Nemo to WALL•E. We’re always excited to see what they come up with next. I mean, they make talking fish and non-talkative robots fun.

Now, Pixar has announced their next new short film, Lou,as SlashFilm reports. Pixar animator Dave Mullins, who will direct the film, posted a short video about the project on Instagram. The illustration looks so cute, we have no doubt the film will be, too.

As we watched that, so many questions came to mind regarding the lost-and-found aspect of the box we see Lou in. Where is he from and where is he going? (The age-all question, amirite?!)Is he an animated sweater? Is he my doll I lost in 1990?

Who is Dave Mullins?

This will be his first directing credit, though he’s worked with Pixar a lot, ever since 2000. ICYMI, he’s been a part of faves such as The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc., and, yep, the aforementioned Finding Nemo. Mullins has also held various titles at the studio, such as animator, directing animator, and supervising animator, reported Pixar Post.

Some, like SlashFilm and Pixar Post, also believe that the character of Lou may be red, visible on the piece of paper on the table behind Mullins.

Credit: Dave Mullins / Instagram

If this is the case, Lou just got even cuter.

So when will Lou make an appearance on a big screen near us?

Perhaps before Cars 3, according to Pixar Post — which is not in theaters till June 16, 2017.

Rewatch our other favorite Pixar films, of course, as we patiently wait for June 16 to get here!