Credit: YouTube/Fox Searchlight

We’ve been looking forward to the upcoming movie about Jackie Kennedy ever since we saw the incredibly powerful teaser several weeks back. And it’s a great day because Vulture let us know that we can now watch Natalie Portman in the official Jackie trailer!

In case you’re not in the loop, this is the film where Portman portrays the legendary Jackie Kennedy Onassis — specifically focussing on the events after her husband’s infamous assassination. The teaser left us wanting to give Portman all the Oscars already, and this is no different!

Even though Portman was extremely nervous for the role, we think it’s safe to say she nails it. It looks like Portman really embodies the strength, vulnerability, and utter resilience of this real-life character.

The film looks as heartbreaking as it does powerful; a testament to the way Jackie Kennedy somehow found the ability to move on after such a tragedy, navigate the murky political waters, and maintain the legacy of JFK. All while continuing to raise her children in the public eye.

This is arguably Portman’s biggest role to date, and we just know that she’ll knock it out of the park. The movie comes out on December 2nd, so start mentally preparing.

This is gonna be a history lesson, an intense character study, and a rollercoaster of emotion.