Karen Belz
August 25, 2016 10:37 am
Warner Bros. Pictures

Let’s talk about dysfunctional relationships for a second. Every once in awhile we meet someone we feel a connection to, but in reality, they’re just not right for us. For fans of DC Comics, the relationship between Harley Quinn and the Joker pretty much fits the description perfectly (but x 1,000). Back in the day, Harley got her start as Dr. Harleen Quinzel — a psychiatrist who worked for Arkham Asylum, and found herself weirdly obsessed with the antics of the Joker. Noting this, the Joker did what abusive people do best, and pretty much got her into a position where he had full control over her. In the original comics, he was incredibly violent to her, hurting her and abusing her until she nearly died.

When Suicide Squad was released, this relationship was shown a bit differently — Harley Quinn and the Joker share an embrace in the film, but Harley seems to pretty much kick butts and take names all on her own, kinda-sorta playing by her own rules. While it’s definitely a softer depiction, it doesn’t mean that the original relationship was never on the table — in fact, this pretty telling movie still, from one of the many cut scenes, shows that the abusive side of the relationship was definitely considered when the film was in production.

Warner Bros. Pictures

IGN reported that the movie actually had two different cuts — a lighter cut, which is what was shown in theaters, and a darker cut, which is evident from the photo above.

It turns out that since teasers showed a lighter film, test audiences were a bit confused when watching the more somber version, which is why the tone of the film was reported as being a bit “off.”

But while the film might not have fit well in the DC Comic universe, it’s still kind of thrilling to see Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn. Most reviewers admit that she added a lot to the film, and the fact that she’s constantly being featured in the media proves that she definitely tested well with the audience.

If there’s a sequel, maybe her traumatic relationship with the Joker will be expanded on even more. But if they continue in the direction that they’re going, hopefully fans will continue to embrace this character change.