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Whether you’re married, have a serious boyfriend or girlfriend, are “cruising the apps,” or consider a night in with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Phish Food to be the ultimate in #goals, you undoubtedly agree that Galentine’s Day is a far superior holiday to the one that comes the day after.

While Valentine’s Day can often bring with it some pressure surrounding gifts, dinner reservations, relationship milestones, physical appearance, and so on and so forth, Galentine’s is really just a day to sit around and do whatever the hell you want with your closest of gal pals. And since it’s the middle of freaking winter, we NYC-based Galentines plan on celebrating with the never-ending gift from the gods that is Netflix.

…But before you join us, make sure to check out our ~ expertly curated ~ list of the finest Galentine’s Day films the ‘Flix has to offer. Because, you know, we wouldn’t want you to get stuck with that Rob Schneider show, or something.

1 Heathers

Credit: New World/courtesy Everett Collection

Okay, sure, some of the Galentines in this one murder each other. But to be fair it’s mostly Christian Slater’s fault, and Heathers is a twisted, subversive masterpiece led by multiple nuanced, dynamic female characters. It’s worth a watch for sure, and if anything, it’ll make you and your friends feel blessed that you no longer have to deal with high school.

2 Practical Magic

Credit: Warner Bros.

Since The Craft isn’t currently available and witch movies are a Galentine’s necessity, Practical Magic is a fantastic back-up plan. It features Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as two magically gifted sisters who are literally cursed in the love department, and have to rely on each other when one of their murderous lovers tries to do them harm.

3 For a Good Time, Call

Credit: Focus Features

For a Good Time, Call — a hilarious, underrated gem about two unlikely friends who start a phone sex line — is a rom com, only with two ladies (Ari Graynor and Lauren Miller Rogen) instead of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. There’s a montage at the end that will make you hug your closest gal pal, and we recommend it heavily.

4 Contact

Credit: Warner Bros.

Sometimes we all just need some good old fashioned sci-fi. And sometimes, we also need to be reminded that smart, badass women make awesome sci-fi heroes, as Jodie Foster’s Dr. Eleanor “Ellie” Ann Arroway is in Contact.

5 10 Things I Hate About You

Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

It’s sweet, it’s romantic, it features Julia Stiles — who plays Kat — at her snarky best. And while the two sisters in the film don’t always get along, their relationship is just as high a priority as Kat’s with Heath Ledger’s Patrick, and Larisa Oleynik’s Bianca’s with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Cameron. Basically, it’s a feel-good movie, and we all pretty much need feel-good in our lives right about now in 2k17.

6 Magic Mike

Credit: Warner Bros.

…Do we really need to explain why this one is on here?

7 It Follows

Credit: RADiUS-TWC

Not having any sex this Valentine’s Day? Not a problem! Just gather up some Galentines who are experiencing a similar dry spell and stream It Follows. You’ll never want to do it again! Yay!

8 The Princess Bride

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Single or nah, it’s okay to get weepy and optimistic about ~ true love ~ sometimes, especially if it’s within the comfort of your group of girlfriends. No one will judge!

9 Armageddon

Credit: Distributed by Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Okay, there’s nothing Galentine’s Day-y about Armageddon. But having watched it with a Galentine of my own just two weeks ago, trust me on this one — this movie is high-key hilarious in 2017. Like, why have super-genius astronauts teach oil drillers how to do space, instead of, you know, having the oil drillers teach the super-genius astronauts how to work a big drill? None of it makes any sense, but it’s fantastic, and both Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis look fine as hell.

10 BONUS: The “San Junipero” episode of Black Mirror

Credit: Netflix

This one isn’t a movie, but in case you haven’t heard by now, know that this Season 3 episode of Black Mirror — which features two women falling in love in an ’80s seaside party town, only with a massive sci-fi twist — will make you feel things. It’s a beautifully melancholy piece on love, memory, regret, and the lives we could have lived — and of course, demands to be watched with other women.