Alyssa Thorne
Updated Feb 22, 2017 @ 4:49 pm
Credit: Netflix

If you’ve got a lot of work to do tonight, we’ve got exactly what you need to watch to, dunno, NEVER SLEEP AGAIN? Netflix is releasing the film The Discovery, which premiered at Sundance, and it looks suuuuper creepy.

But it’s also super easy to see why Netflix acquired The Discovery — clearly the benevolent Netflix gods have a type, because The Discovery explores a world in which an afterlife is a forgone conclusion, and the impact that knowing, and seemingly accessing, that has on people…if that sounds familiar to you, it might be because you watched Netflix’s The OA, a show they recently released with almost no prelude that definitely lives on the same ~plane of existence.~

But back to what’s important: Not only does The Discovery look DOPE and star Jason Segal and Rooney Mara, the trailer is seriously creepy.

Luckily, we’ve found the secret to de-creepifying this weird, weird trailer, and that’s watching it a few times in a row.

Yes, we did discover this in the course of writing this article, but seriously. The first time you watch it it’s super unsettling and strange and creepy, and the next time it’s a little less so, and by the third time you realize exactly how strange it is and end up somewhere around “I need to see this I have so many questions” as opposed to “why is any of this happening and where is the brain bleach.”

To answer like 2 out of hundreds of questions you probably have, the bits with Robert Redford being interviewed? Yeah, he’s talking about the fact that

So, um, yikes? But also, sign us UP.