mulan live action adaptations
Credit: Disney

We are totally here for Disney re-imagining all its classic animated films as live-action films. Sometimes the adaptations are pretty direct (Beauty and the Beast, Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland). And sometimes they are SUPER rebooted (Maleficent). Either way, we are all about looking at our childhood favorites in a brand new way. And for the upcoming live-action re-imagining of Mulan, it looks like we’ll have to look at this story in a very, very new way: without songs.

Yes, that’s right. The director of the live action Mulan, Niki Caro (of Whale Rider fame) confirmed to Moviefone that her adaptation will not be a musical.

Okay, so keep in mind, Caro said “right now.”

So let’s not immediately turn into Mushu running around, screaming “Dishonor on your whole family!”

Still, speaking of honor, it’s hard to imagine a Mulan without “Honor to Us All.” Or “Reflection,” “A Girl Worth Fighting For.” And, probably the biggest heartbreaker “Be a Man.” These songs so informed our childhood and our adulthood. Who among us does not have “Be a Man” on their workout playlist snuggled right between “Eye of the Tiger” and Beyonce’s “Work it Out”?

Live action Disney films like The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast got to keep their songs. Even Lana Del Rey did that cover of “Once Upon a Dream” for the end credits of Maleficent. So we thought we could expect the same of Mulan. We’re sure the movie will be magical either way. But it’s just going to take us a beat to process this.

The good news is Caro’s description of her live action take sounds REALLY freaking cool.

Sign us up for that. (Also, sign us up for “Be a Man” playing over the end credits. You gotta play SOMETHING over the end credits!)

The brand new Mulan hits screens next year! November 2nd, 2018! Mark your calendars! And cross your fingers it’s going to be absolutely amazing, even without our beloved songs!