Kenya Foy
July 04, 2017 1:58 pm

If you’ve ever paid just the tiniest bit of attention, there are countless movies that have foreign title translations that don’t always hit the mark. Sometimes they improve upon the original titles or completely misconstrue them, but one thing they’re quite adept at doing is making us giggle.

Not a snobby giggle like, “Haha you totally botched the meaning of this film title,” but more like a mischievous snicker and a deep appreciation for unintentional jokes.

In some cases, we can connect the dots that were lost in translation. In others, we can hardly stifle the laughter because the translations are just so damn great.

1Not Another Teen Movie

Columbia Pictures

Well, cut to the chase, why dontcha?

2The Hangover

Warner Bros.

We get it: The Hangover was so much more than drinking way too much and waking up with a headache.

313 Going on 30

Columbia Pictures


4Step Up 3D

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Just in case you didn’t know the movie was about being sexy and dancing.



Well, the movie does involve Amy Schumer going on a lot of dates?

6Trainwreck again for twice the hilarity


Okay, that’s just rude.

7No Strings Attached


Also known as friends with benefits. ~winky face~.


20th Century Fox

In Germany, the film title hilariously translates to Full of the Nuts.

9As Good As It Gets

TriStar Pictures

If this is as good as gets, then clearly we’re all doomed.



In Argentina, the title was tweaked to specify the exact type of lubricant the film referenced.

11Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

New Line Cinema

HA! Nice try Malaysia for trying to make this G-rated.

12Bad Santa

Columbia Pictures

The Czech Republic wanted moviegoers to know exactly what they were getting into.

13Knocked Up

Universal Pictures

Apparently, the Peruvian title translates to Slightly Pregnant.

14Knocked Up…again

Universal Pictures

The Chinese translation was less funny but slightly more accurate.

Seriously fantastic, we’d almost rather watch these translations instead!