Jessica Ellis
Updated Jan 21, 2017 @ 10:01 am
Credit: The Walt Disney Co

Movies are amazing when you just need to veg out and let your mind escape, but that’s far from their only purpose. Some of our greatest stories and most inspirational moments can come from film, and it’s important to remember that, like all art, movies can be a tool for empowerment. Whether it’s seeing a story that feels universal, learning about a historic struggle, or re-visiting a classic that you loved as a child, movies can pep us up and get us raring to go.

We asked some of our amazing HelloGiggles writers to let us know the films they turn to when they need a serious kick in the pants, and they came through. If you’re feeling blue this weekend, one of these flicks is guaranteed to pump you up.

1. Returning to the classics.

2. Serious girl power!

3. Learning to be happy and sad.

4. All 8 of ’em

5. Vaycay is always the answer.

6. Mark Watney. Space Pirate.

There you go, guys. 6 movies to get you through a bad day, week, or even a year. Get watching!