Lauren Saccone
January 15, 2017 1:13 pm
Petit Film

If you’re a big fan of gore in your films, we may have finally found the movie that changes your tune. Look, even the most enthusiastic fan of disturbing horror movies has their limits — and if you don’t, this French film could create them. Think we’re over-stating our case here, and that in the time of torture porn like Saw and Hostel, there’s no gross rocks left unturned? Think again: This French movie about cannibals is so graphic, people are getting sent to the hospital after viewing it. Still think a movie and dinner is perfect for date night?

Raw is critically acclaimed, and has won numerous awards in film festivals across the globe. But that’s not what’s getting the film so much attention. Viewers are passing out during screenings with alarming regularity, and being rushed to the hospital as a result. The shocking scenes of violence, body horror, and medical trauma have resulted in numerous excited viewers fainting (or bolting to spend some quality time in the bathroom), which only adds to the mystique of this controversial and award-winning piece of cinema.

OMG, this is getting too real.

A movie about cannibals isn’t a new concept (particularly if you’re a fan of the gross and hilarious Cannibal! The Musical), but Raw reportedly breaks down all the barriers and takes no prisoners. The story of a young vegetarian veterinary student who slowly transforms into a cannibal is being hailed as brilliant, completely original, and one of the most disturbing and gory movies in memory.

Perhaps what’s most unsettling about the movie isn’t the gore itself (although reportedly it’s pretty horrific); it’s the way it’s used.

At it’s heart, Raw is another twisted tale with feminist underpinnings that subverts traditional storytelling norms. In the best tradition of Hard Candy and TeethRaw takes what we think we know about film and turns it deftly on its head. So if you have a strong stomach, Raw may be the movie about cannibals you can’t afford to miss.

Although, maybe this time you should skip out on the popcorn.