Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Jul 19, 2015 @ 8:46 am

Nope, sorry, you definitely haven’t heard the last of the Minions. They absolutely killed it in box offices with their first feature film, earning themselves the second-highest debut of an animated film ever. They’re all over our Internet feeds, showing up in Happy Meals and even, when it comes to a five-year-old girl in Colorado, saving people’s lives.

A five-year-old girl from Colorado Springs was playing with her Minion stuffed toy while sitting in the window of her third story bedroom (PSA: don’t do this!). At some point during her game, she fell backwards out of the window, dropping to the ground. She held tight to the Minion, and it’s what ultimately softened the impact and what, police believe, saved her life. Aside from a broken arm, she emerged from the ordeal unscathed, a truly remarkable feat when you consider the logistics.

The Minions were first made popular by Despicable Me, which went on the have a sequel before spawning the Minions mania we see today. They originally were depicted as sidekicks to Despicable Me’s Supervillians. However, they quickly won over the hearts of their viewers. Popular with parents and kids alike, the Minions have become an Internet sensation, even becoming a meme of sorts.

Whatever they are, and whatever you feel about them, you can’t help but be grateful that their squishy, amorphous bodies were around to save the day in Colorado. But let’s not all start playing in windows thinking a Minion will always be there to save us — they are, as we can see, very busy.

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