In an alternate universe, the 13-year-old actress who stole your heart in Stranger Things could have also starred in the greatest Wolverine sequel ever made. Millie Bobby Brown auditioned for Logan, and in an interview for Variety helmed by Evan Rachel Wood, opened up about the experience of auditioning for it. Although we loved lil’ Dafne Keen in the role, and even Millie is quick to give her her due as a great actress, it’s fun to think about what could’ve been had Millie Bobby Brown gotten the role! We already know she can be tough as nails and badass, so we’re sure she would’ve been great.

Millie brought up the audition when asked what her best and worst audition experiences were — and obviously, trying out for Logan was the highlight.

She said that it was an audition where she felt most like an ~actor~ which makes sense. It’s a pretty big deal!

We’re pretty impressed that Millie Bobby Brown was able to audition for such big name people at all — we’re, like, twice her age and would probably be high key too star struck and panicked to do anything at all in the presence of Hugh Jackman and James Mangold, the film’s director.

Three cheers for Millie Bobby Brown and her nerves of steel.