We always love seeing what Michael Moore uncovers. Best known for pretty intriguing documentaries like Capitalism: A Love Story, Bowling For Columbine, Sicko, and Fahrenheit 9/11, the filmmaker has something brand new up his sleeve that he hopes everyone in America can see before the elections.

It’s a documentary that’s named after Donald Trump. Titled Michael Moore In TrumpLand, Moore is trying to get his work out to voters, to help them realize how important this upcoming election truly is.

Just the other day, Moore screened it to an audience last minute, sending an invite out through Twitter. Described loosely as “concert footage” by some, it sounds like the documentarian completed something totally new for his audience. More of a one-man-show than a full-on documentary, it really seems to help people think long and hard about this upcoming election.

While called TrumpLand, the film is also very focused on Hillary, which is probably why Moore doesn’t think her campaign would totally be on board. In one segment, he has his audience shout out the negative claims they’ve heard about the candidate, and Moore goes over them one-on-one.

The 73-minute film will continue to have screenings throughout New York and California.