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The ’90s were a great decade for teen movies and TV gems (TGIF anyone?), and Melissa Joan Hart was one of those actresses who seamlessly mastered both domains, forever holding a special place in our nostalgia-loving hearts.

She just sat down with Us Weekly Video to talk about her favorite onscreen kiss from that era, and it turns out it was…Adrian Grenier. OMG YES!

Any true child of the ’90s will remember that way before he was swoon-worthy, doe-eyed Vince in Entourage, Grenier was super adorable Chase Hammond in Drive Me Crazy.

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Deep breathes. Our inner-tween is fanning out so hard right now.

We mean, just look at their chemistry:

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Basically, excellent choice MJH. EXCELLENT CHOICE.

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As for her other onscreen kisses, Hart admitted that there have been many “great” ones. James Van Der Beek, Joey Lawrence and Mario Lopez were lucky enough to get special mentions, and it’s definitely becoming clear that she needs to write a memoir about this (All My Kisses, perhaps? No? We’ll keep thinking).

After all, she married musician Mark Wilkerson, and he looks like this:

Mmmmmmmm. But back to the issue at hand. ADRIAN GRENIER and MELISSA JOAN HART! This is giving us so much nostalgia, you guys.

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Feeling equal parts giddy and jealous about all of this. Oh, and you can see her full interview here (and note the special shout out to Clarissa Explains it All!).