In case you were worried that all of the news coming out of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando would be good, Mark Hamill decided to switch things up. After dropping the first trailer for The Last Jedi, Mark has decided to start teasing the possibility of Luke going to the Dark Side and umm, no Mark Hamill. Not cool.

The teaser released at The Last Jedi panel literally “teased” the film but didn’t give much info on what Luke’s return to Star Wars would look like. Well, other than his super emo suggestion that maybe the Jedi should end.

Credit: Lucasfilm

No, hard pass. But Mark Hamill told ABC News that the teaser wasn’t meant to give fans too much information:

But it seems like Luke is training Rey to be a Jedi in the teaser. So what could make Luke lose hope in the Jedi and want to end them entirely? Who knows. When asked if there’s even a chance that Luke could actually turn to the Dark Side, Mark Hamill told ABC News:

Well, we really won’t know exactly what the deal is with Luke and company until The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15. Until then, May The Force Be With You and let’s hope Luke doesn’t actually want to end the Jedi!